The Fab City Campus is a free, public and friendly event that offers Summit participants and the general public the opportunity to discover the future of productive cities.

The Fab City Campus Montréal, which will take place as part of the Fab City Montréal Summit, will be an opportunity to showcase initiatives and organizations involved in the city autonomy movement.

The Campus is a two-day showcase during the Fab City Summit Montréal. This showcase will highlight initiatives that will be present in participatory discovery mode with the general public. The Campus will also include thematic laboratories where citizens and specialists involved in the resilient cities movement will converse to advance knowledge.

Tomorrow is fabricated with hands! An opportunity to get involved in your Fab City.

The Campus will take place on August 13-14, hosting the Fab Fest on the 14th, on the Esplanade Louvain in the District Central, 50-150 rue de Louvain Ouest, Montréal, Quebec, Canada.


Fab City Conversations

Screening of the videos of the interviews, followed by discussions in guests presence. In order to present the Fab City concept and make it more widespread, the Fab City guests interviews present different aspects that make up the Fab City concept, highlighting what makes sense for each of them.


SeedBombs workshop

This activity will allow children and adults to get their hands in the soil. An activity that will help bees and butterflies. Join us in our seed bomb creation workshop. These bombs can be planted almost anywhere for our collective enjoyment throughout the year.


Co-editing the book: Our vision for Montréal 2055

You are invited to help co-write a vision for our city through a participatory process. Facilitators will be on hand to help you refine your contributions, which can take whatever form inspires you most - drawings, designs, text, etc. Following the event, all contributions will be carefully compiled into a book and made available to the public.

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