Project Description

We invite you under the theater tent to imagine the staging of our future Fab Lab in the forest!

We invite you under the theater tent to imagine the staging of our future Fab Lab in the forest! To do this, we will look together at why the space of the échoforest initiative, this Fab Lab project located on the Terra Perma site, contributes to the conservation and regeneration of biodiversity.

An invitation from Communautique, Terra-Perma and Pivot – Coopérative d’architecture !

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Communautique’s mission is to support citizen participation by promoting information literacy, the appropriation of information and communication technologies and the contribution to their development. For 22 years, Communautique has been working to democratize access to technology in a perspective of economic, cultural and social development. It was a pioneer in the arrival of Living Labs, which it has greatly contributed to making known, as well as in the advent of Fab Labs in Québec. He opened echofab, the first Fab Lab in Canada, co-founded the Coop Fab Labs Québec and led the advent of the Fab City movement in Québec.

Terra Perma is a residential and eco-entrepreneurial community in the heart of the Laurentians. Bordering the famous Red River to the west and located in the Mont-Tremblant region, its 800 hectares are a sanctuary where many exciting activities can be enjoyed on site and nearby. Terra Perma is also a vast park of over 200 acres managed jointly with the Terra Perma Foundation. Terra Perma’s mission is to preserve the natural habitat and promote sustainable development.

Pivot is the first architectural cooperative in Quebec. It was co-founded by designers and architects who want to organize their practice around a self-managed and transparent structure.

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Saturday August 14th
1PM to 3PM

Monique Chartrand